Make Money Using Your Personality & Talent

What are you good at? Answer quick then you can easily make money from home.

Being a mom takes basically all your day and in most cases day and night. If you’re a full time employee, you’re doing a miracle keeping it all together and yes you still can. However, if you’re looking for a way to quit that day job or you’re currently not working and need that extra money, well there are plenty of ways to do it. It may sound too good to be true but it IS true!

First, you need to believe in yourself. Ask yourself the following questions and be very clear with your answer.

What did my past experiences from work/volunteering/courses/ studies taught me?

What are my skills?

What is something I do quickly that might take people to do more time? 

What is that one thing everyone tells me I’m good at?

What is the skill i always wanted to master?

What can i spend hours doing without having a hard time?

Write your answers down using a pen and a paper and get to know yourself more, you’ll be surprised with the answers as moms always underestimate themselves. 

With these kind of questions being answered, you’ll slowly come to the type of industry you will dive into, I’m not saying that we are all masters at one and choose it, you will find that one thing you’ll last doing and eventually master it.

Here are some ideas for you mama to start your business in the field you chose:

Business Ideas In Fashion

Start your own Women/ Men/ kids fashion boutique

First thing you do is finding a clothing line you really love then start researching for specific styles you want to start branding for.

If you’re not a fan of sewing and making the clothes you want to sell, start looking for Wholesalers and manufacturers online from china, turkey, india…etc and negotiate till you get your stock and start selling online.

Some great places to sell online through are: Etsy (specially for custom clothing), amazon, eBay or just start your own Shopify store! 

You can start your own clothing label or research and resell for a brand you’re convinced with and negotiate a commission.

If you don’t have the cash or you don’t want to stock then you should consider Drop shipping, its basically selling other brands products, then the manufacturer directly send the item to the customers you got without you buying the stock you just profit from the price difference.

So what do you see your self selling? Cute baby clothes? Toddler fashion? Amazing leggings and sport bras? luxury women fashion or perhaps night wear?

Design & sell unique t-shirts

If you’re a good graphic designer or you have a great mind for designing, then go ahead and start designing funny or unique t-shirts and get your own t-shirt line!

Sell them online on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy or your own Shopify e-commerce website.

Inspire from memes over the internet and get creative!

The cool thing about t-shirts is that they are low cost, catches everyones eyes and you can drop-ship them very easily through Shopify’s print on demand.

Sew funny/ cute styled baby rompers

Get creative with those cute little rompers, It’s a basic in any baby’s closet and people love gifting them to new parents. Offer Vintage/ cute/ funny designs and do it on a per order basis so you don’t waste time making and stacking them. If you have a passion in sewing then its the perfect idea for you, simple and successful if you commit. 

Sell them through Etsy, Shopify promote on Social Media platforms life Facebook or create an Instagram shop.

Become a fashion blogger

If you like to dress up, pose for the camera and have a passion for fashion, your half way through becoming an influencer, to become a fashion influencer or blogger you need to influence people through your content and photogenic pictures on the Gram/ youtube.

It May look easy but it takes dedication and some work from your side. Invest in a good camera or through your phone and start reaching out for people in a way they feel close to you, social media is all about image and content, talk about outfit tips, everyday make up to influence their daily lives. PS: you Don’t have to be a blonde bombshell to fit in the influencer world. Just pose and blog with a vision!

Good social media content is magic! and its all yours, so get creative, work on getting more and more follower then start getting paid through brands. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have the big K in your followers number, new social media study shows that Micro-influencers are more trusted and closer to people.

What sort of work you need to focus on?

-Pictures/short videos with product placement

-Sponsored articles 

-Paid tutorials

-Product reviews

Crafts & Art Business Ideas

For all the artistic mamas out there, having the talent and the eye for art is unique & beautiful.

Whether you’re a painter, craft maker or a designer. Get it on with and CREATE!

Here are some business ideas for designers and artists:

Start a handmade jewellery shop

Jewellery never goes out of style and each item can be unique. It’s one product that sells online very well. 

There are two ways you can start your jewellery selling business:

1- Designer jewellery 

Where you actually use your talent & imagination to design a unique piece of jewellery for a client. 

Can be upon client request where its custom made or you sell your own uniquely designed necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

You can market it in a way that’s luxury especially if you’re using fine stones and materials.

2- Buy wholesale jewellery 

You don’t have to make your own jewellery, you can choose the style you like and buy wholesale jewellery then sell them.

How to market your jewellery business:

-Promote your pieces online on Facebook & instagram.

-Participate in local events & markets.

Make Gift Baskets

Making gift basket is a very simple idea but it takes your talent in  designing and spotting the perfect combinations in one fabulous basket to become the perfect gift.

Here’s how you can start your gift basket business:

1- Find a niche you can make as a gift basket

Choosing a niche helps you reach your audience way quicker so its easier for you to create exactly what they will be looking for as a gift basket. The smaller the audience the less the competition is.

2- Choose a sales funnel

Where and when you want to sell your gift baskets. Take advantage of the holiday season that’s coming very soon. and plan ahead for upcoming occasions on the calendar then the rest of orders will be year-round, that’s the exciting part of gift giving business.

Online gift basket shop

Starting your gift basket business online is easy and the startup cost is low comparing to an actual store. The good thing about selling online is the flexible schedule, easier to run, customers all over the world and low startup cost. However, you can find it abit harder to be distinguished among your competition and you don’t have the “built in” customer base so you start building that audience one at a time.

Physical gift store 

It may be at a hight cost to open up and actual gift shop but its GREAT visibility to have a storefront plus that local customer base your don’t need to try hard getting and its always easy to expand and maybe shift online later on.

3- Advertise your gift basket in a special way

From online marketing, social media pages to traditional marketing, loyalty programs and subscription boxes. There are many ways to market your business.

Start putting things together beautifully and market them for different occasions.

Sell your Art

Being an artist is a talent you can’t take for granted, you just need to plan your business better, Here’s how you can start your Art selling business:

Define your art practice

So ask yourself what do you want to achieve, is it short-term like just selling that stacked pile of beautiful painting you have at your studio or long term like opening galleries or starting an ecommerce website for Art?

And hell yes Art is a career you can depend on, take these actions to take your art to the next level of business.

Identify your audience/customers

Knowing your target audience is a very important step especially in Art, not all people will appreciate and know the techniques and effort put into a painting/piece of art.

So narrow down that audience to start your marketing strategy right using social media, Art websites, galleries, blogging and email newsletters.

Do the math & price your work 

write down your expenses so you know what your art business have to get your for profit. So everything from the studio space, materials, art supplies and hours should be counted.

To make a living out of your art you should price your art right!

Final tip: Keep track of everything and don’t lose hope or focus of getting it profitable because it totally can.

IT & computer geek businesses

If you’re good in something you can do online, you’re in luck because nowadays everything is needed online. Here are some business ideas you can do from using online your laptop and brains from home:

Content writing

If you’re quite the writer you can start writing blogs or ebooks and sell them.

Affiliate marketing

Sell other people’s product for commission. Just write blog about products and link to the people who sell them, there are great affiliate programs out there like Amazon, shopify and others

Translation service

You can even translate to your mother tongue language and any other language you speak well. 

Sell images

Sell images you take on stock images websites

Online courses

Now is the time for online courses, so start a course that you master well and you see yourself teaching.

Choose a subject in the industry you chose to teach that’s relatable to your target audience and make it simple.

Work on your material in detail to have it all prepared.

Research your competition

Find the right course online platform to feature your courses them create your own professional linkedIn, website or social media to reach out for attendees.

Baby & Kids Related Businesses

Start up a home care service

It’s much needed year round and everyone appreciates it, word of mouth will spread your name viral especially when you hire the right staff of babysitters/registered nurses/doulas.

Plan baby showers & birthday parties

Here’s how you can become a successful family event planner:

Create a strong profile

Include those events you planned previously for yourself, friends or family and take up few more.

Interact with vendors like caterers, entertainers and create a list of trusted ones.

Put up a marketing strategy

Get the word out there and use effective marketing techniques like social media, family groups, blogging and word of mouth.

Maintain your work

Never stop learning from what’s working right and what’s not so you grow as a business.

Create entertaining/educational videos

Youtube is a the fastest way to make your knowledge and fun kids educational videos to reach out and go viral.

There are a billion of learning related content and entertaining videos for kids that are viewed every minute.

So here’s your chance to share your passion or whatever tips you have for children out there. Make them full of learning in an entertaining way.

Here are a few common genres: (Source: Youtube creator academy) 

  • ‘Edutainment’ – combining education with entertainment: Often hosted by curiosity-seeking hosts or subject matter experts, these videos provide memorable education on YouTube in a creative way.
  • Straightforward education and answers – sharing ‘how-to’, academic subjects or curriculum-based: Often hosted by teachers or experts, these videos can help an audience master a specific subject and/or learn exactly how to accomplish a task. They are usually developed around a curriculum.
  • Skill-based learning – teaching skills to enhance careers: Often hosted by professional in a specific vocation, an expert, or an organization that provides skill-based teaching.

Make sure you define and know your audience before you make the videos so your goal is clear. Be genuine, passionate and make people benefit from your content.

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