How To Halloween In A Pandemic

Are your kids TOO excited for halloween but your not? Don’t worry you can still enjoy the spooky vibes without getting Covid paranoid.

Here are some ways you can still create the fun unforgettable halloween experience with being super safe:

Educate your kids

Explain to your kids how can they be extra careful and keep reminding them of self hygiene and social distance.

Choose to attend outdoor events

Try to stay away from indoor gatherings no matter how small. Choose community safe kids friendly organised celebrations. Also use and remind your kids to use hand sanitiser whenever they are offered something or your event was a pumpkin patch or any similar activities.

Make fun at home with siblings or parents only

You can still enjoy Halloween and keep them spooky fun vibes with home decorations and home activities like spooky movie night or pumpkin carving while wearing costumes all day.

Enjoy the best halloween movies on Netflix

If you’re living abroad consider virtual parties

Let your kids connect with friends and family who live hours or miles away virtually. As it’s not easy to travel nowadays you might want to make an effort and socialize using video calls on Zoom , Google Hangouts , House party or Facetime for iphone users.

Mask in style

Make your mask part of your costume so you get to keep it on as long as you can with staying scary & cool to pose for pictures, here are plenty of options.

Trick-or-treat safely

If trick or treating still exists in your neighbourhood try to social distance in line at doorsteps and make sure your kids wear their masks. Also consider non edible treats or small toys, kids will love them and it’s much safer.

Hand hygiene and sanitising the treat bags is a must even they they are double packaged or sent in tubes.

Enjoy this time of the year while being safe, we have to embrace the new normal and still keep the happy fun occasions that our kids love. So find safe ways to celebrate and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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