Christmas & New Year Decorating Ideas

Make your home look fascinating while keeping it trendy, minimalistic and exquisite!

Decorate this holiday season with these chic looks & ideas that will definitely amaze your guests.

White Holiday decorations; Tree, vibes & table setup.

The living room is the heart of the home so show off your Christmas tree and spend quality time with your loved ones surrounded by amazing designs you can pull off yourself. 

Whether your aiming for a big tree or a simple one check out these decor inspirations that will make you want to stay in that festive room all day!

If you have an all white living room furniture or walls you might as well go with this white holiday styled decoration. 

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Grey & Gold holiday decoration theme

How about aiming for a specific theme? This classy grey & gold palette will brighten up your Christmas & new year’s eve. So start with choosing your color palette if you have ready decorations from last year and you want to upgrade the look with spending less, so best way to pull this look off is:

1- Collect all previous decorations you would like to use this year

2- Choose a color palette for your holiday decoration theme

3-Buy some glitter wraps & any stationary needs for DIY decor

4-Decide on food shapes & colors to write down the food menu

5-Add the touch ups & vibes your special way with some candles & lighting ropes.

White Christmas bundle

Asymmetrical minimalism

Try to get close with your designs to this beautiful white/cream decoration and fluffy wreath keeping things minimal & festive at the same time.

Modern Christmas tree baubles

Upgrade you Christmas tree this year with a much classier trendier look & feel. Get creative the moment you take the Christmas decoration box out of your basement and start painting them with white/light coloured Matt paint then add those cute little shiny silver/gold/rose/green patterns.

Fresh Green Wreath

A fresh greenery wreath looks so chic and gives that warm, minimal lovely feeling to the house. It will look great on a white or light wooden entrance door, you can also add it over your living room mantel. It’s also so easy to make it yourself.

How to make a greenery wreath: (This is all you need for a DIY Christmas Wreath)

Metal circular or wreath form

-Floral wire

-Pick some greenery from pine trees or whatever is close

Decorate with gold & white ribbons or pine cones

Simple! Just stick that greenery to your wreath metal form with the floral wire then decorate and hand on door/wall. Voila!

Fresh Gold table setup for holiday gatherings

Dress up your table with some greenery & seating personalization. This color palette is just classy as well as modern, guests will love the smooth fine vibes.

Black plates & fancy cutlery always make the meal even more exquisitely delicious, if you pick this look choose the font you type the name with carefully, the table cloth material and handpick those greens.

Glittery snow flake themed cupcakes

When you land on that theme you had in mind for your holiday decoration, make sure you pay attention to details, and who wouldn’t love to see some glittery cupcakes on that dessert table, so make your glittery paper shopping done and DIY some cool decorations that match your theme.

DIY Glittery Christmas bottles

Another cool thing to add to your Christmas table is themed glass bottles so if you already went with the golden glitter you wrap those bottles with the rest of the paper and decorate the straw with a snowflake.

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