Levantine Pumpkin Mutabal Recipe

Pumpkin Moutabbal

Do you have that half of a pumpkin you want to use in a gourmet delicious way? Pumpkin Moutabbal is a levantine appetizer that is not too well-known but whoever tries it surely falls in love with the taste. it great when dipped with warm Arabic freshly baked bread but who cares its mouthwatering on a piece of toast.

Since its the pumpkin season and I personally crave everything orange in this whether and autumn vibes.

The classic middle eastern Mtabbal is normally done with smoky roasted aubergine, you maybe familiar with this. It’s as good or maybe even better, Pumpkin Mtabbal has this unique taste that makes you just finish up the whole plate by yourself and maybe skip the rest of your lunch :)!

If you’re a big fan of hummos, you’ll love this one, its the same ingredients and cooking method but the chickpeas are replaced with pumpkin.

Pumpkin Mutabbal – Middle eastern appetizer


Pumpkin: 400 grams (peeled & cut into cubes)

Hot water: 1/2 cup

Tahini Sauce: 3 big spoons (You can find it ready in stores it’s basically a dip purely made from from toasted ground hulled sesame.

Lemon: 1 big spoon

Garlic: 2 mashed cloves 

Olive Oil: 1 big spoon.

Salt: 1/2 tsp

Easiest Method:

Boil Pumpkin for 40 mins after peeling and cutting into cubes.

Mash the pumpkin, leave aside.

Put rest of ingredients into food the food processor and stop until smooth. 

Pour the mixture on the mashed pumpkin then mix all again. Voila!

Spread on a plate & drizzle some olive oil, Parsley and blackseed. 

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