17 Real-Mom-Tips For A Better Happier Quarantine Time With Kids

By @HadeelJunaidi

1- As teaching now depends on online meetings, try to establish a learning environment that works best for your family. Don’t replicate the classroom. Allow for flexibility, fun, and creativity. Always find a way out of the boring online teaching for your kid, be creative.

 2- Remember: The Pandemic will eventually come to end, what will last are the memories. Create positive memories for your children to talk about in the future. For example, do weekly theme nights, create a family gratitude tree, or let your children camp out in the living room. Focus on connections, relationships, gratitude and having fun. 

Motivating kids to learn during lockdown

3. Let your kids unleash their talents. Allow them to watch useful videos, useful classes that would improve their talents, let them find their hidden talents and make them bigger and bigger.

4-Make them a healthy snack box as u do while in school days , fill it with whatever they like and make it a good routine just like school days.

5-  Don’t push yourself nor your kid, take it easy, take short breaks between classes, do some workouts in between to boost some energy.

6-Learn a new skill yourself! For example, practice meditation, take a positive psychology course online or learn origami. By showing children that learning is truly a lifelong process, we set a great example for them to follow. You are their leader…

7- Try to make this once a week at least, you can video call a relative to have a social activity.

8- Here is a good project to look at in the coming years , try a quarantine diaries, it can be fun and creative for all the family members let each kid has a small booklet to write his own experience and diaries every day  during quarantine.

Enjoying Quarantine Time In The Backyard

9- Have family meetings to talk about what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

10- Begin the day with family time. Every day, a different person decides what the family does for the first hour of the day. For example, it can be puzzles, card games, a family walk, etc. It’s empowering for each family member to feel a sense of collaborative control and ownership of each day 

11- Make up some fun games youtube some and apply at home.

12- Have them plan and cook one meal at least once a week. Teach children important life skills such as doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, fixing things around the house, and cooking. 

13. Start a”Looking Forward To” jar,  you can cheer them up and make them think positively about the future. Every time someone wishes they could do a specific thing

14- Fill a small box with things that make your children feel good (something soft or squishy to touch, lyrics or quotes from favorite songs or shows, a favorite book, a non-perishable snack they like, etc). Incorporate items that cover all five senses. Reach for the box anytime someone is feeling bored or overwhelmed with the changes/losses. It can help them regroup and get connected. 

15- Challenge time; make some challenges like fixing something in the house , make puzzles or building blocks.

16-Dance! Do home workout routine, put some loud music and let them MOVE.

17- Find ways to help your local community from home. Donate to a local food bank, clothes , old toys.. so you can grow the love of charity and giving in them .

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