Working From Home| Key Steps For A Good Balance Between Work & Family

Balancing work and kids is one heavily loaded overwhelming act, since Covid-19 and working from home/homeschooling your home is surely a MAD house! 

Sometimes you’re feeling happy that you’re home at least you get to see your kids smiles and feel more involved , at other times you wish you can just get in the car, get to the office and hide in there for hours, get your work done, snack on whatever you want and enjoy peace of mind.

It’s normal to feel it all; confused, all over the place, underachieving, relieved, devastated and lacking control of everything.

We are not prepared for this uncertainty, juggling all things at once at the same time! (work emails, cooking, kids calling, house chores…list goes on)

Million dollar question is For How Long Can You Take this? 

Handling kids while working from home

The answer is again uncertain but there are few GOOD things you can do in order to survive your busy day with feeling content about work, time with kids and home errands.

Digest your feelings and talk about them

If you’re struggling it doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough or that you’re about to break it simply means that your environment needs more attention from you and that you need to change in your daily family life routine.

So talk about your concerns and your feelings to your partner, kids and friends and embrace advice and affirmation from people you love other than suppressing your feelings, try projecting them into a new routine project and starting fresh.

Your behaviour is contagious

Whatever you’re feeling will affect your kids and your spouse. So make sure before everything else, put your mental well-being first. 

Prioritize your mental and physical health and influence your family, create positive impact on each other instead of increasing stress, anger and negative vibes in your home.

Plan ahead

You can’t work in a house of chaos, you will find yourself failing at completing your work tasks, kids will act out and house won’t be a comfortable place for anybody anymore. 

So don’t let your day be decided by kids needs, or don’t do several things while working, instead dedicate time for work only, promise your kids and meet for uninterrupted play time, and only clean/cook for 1-2 hours a day and don’t spread yourself too thin, nothing is going anywhere.

Boundaries are key; Set rules for kids when you’re on the laptop and do not take work calls during dinner.

Accept imbalance sometimes

With kids it is definitely unavoidable to be on a strict schedule. They have mood swings, they have needs and emotions. Accept the imbalance but don’t let it take over. Otherwise, your work from home experience will be total chaos and will have more negatives than positives.

Final Thought

Don’t see other working moms’ routines as perfect ones to follow, what works for someone might not work for you, each kid is different, each kid is used to specific things that will comfort them, your work industry and requirements will differ. 

The work/home balance is now becoming more critical than ever and you might as well try your best to make your home a happier calmer place as much as possible.

Balancing work & kids while working from home

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