What Being A Step-parent & A Biological Parent At The Same Time Has Taught Me

By Dannielle Patterson

Many of you are thinking, When is the right time to become a parent? The answer is, there is never a ‘right time’ , in my experience/opinion. It will happen, when it does. However being a parent/ mother, is the most rewarding yet challenging job/ role you will ever have to play. You will absolutely love it.. I having been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, that one ovary does not function, it took 4 years without any form of contraception, for me to fall pregnant. Which I found an absolute blessing and maybe it’s the only child I’ll give birth to.

However prior to this, before I birthed my first child. I became a mother to my step daughter. She taught me how to love a child, a daughter. She taught me how to parent.
People say it is the hardest thing loving ‘someone else’s child’ yet it isn’t, when you see them as your own. That’s exactly what I did. Being a parent is not just about DNA, it’s all the other qualities that make you a parent.

Blended Family

I will forever be grateful for my step daughter as she turned me into the parent / mother, that I am today. She taught me so many things….
Skip forward, to when I birthed my first child, (though technically this was my second child) it was so overwhelming going through a very complicated pregnancy and a swift birth. I just remember the awe I was in, loving a child that I had given birth to. It was all a new experience for me, yet already being a parent, before I was officially a mother, prepared me for a lot. All I will say is, enjoy the first few months, for one you will never get those moments back and secondly they are just the absolute, most treasured and cherished memories you will ever have.

Did I feel any different, as to loving my step daughter? No. I love them exactly the same.
Both have taught me how to be a parent and mother. Both test me everyday, in their own ways and both are very different, not only in age but character too. They both have a fragment of my personality too.
Regardless, they are both my daughters.
I love them both unconditionally. They’re my world and more. They will never know, exactly how much I love them.

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