Not A Normal First Year

By @jess_faunch

Hello, my name is Jess, I am a 23 year old mother to my one year old little girl.

So let’s start by saying it has not been the typical ‘playdate and fun day out’ kind of year. I can imagine some of the topics I discuss will be relatable in some way to mums in the first year or years of having a baby in this current pandemic.


Unfortunately as you know, visitors and seeing others has not been a thing this year. I know most babies can become clingy but we had this stage and it was harder to overcome due to not being able to mix with friends and family and we normally would.

We realised that this was something we had to just deal with and understand that there will come a time where she will be wanting to go off and play with friends or will be at school, so I took it all in and fully enjoyed the clingy stage. We made it into a positive.


I started to worry about her development and certain skills as I know babies do learn and take allot in from other babies. 

As we was not able to meet as much or at all at some points with others I felt as though she was missing out on allot of play dates, sensory activities etc.

This was quite frustrating as I wanted her to be able to interact with other babies and toddlers to be able to develop the ability to share with other and learn other basic social skills. 

I have tried to help her along the way with her social skills and hopefully this has paid off as she is always happy to share her toys and books with me and daddy.


It got to the point where she was at the age of being able to participate in soft play and being able to enjoy activities at the park, annoyingly enough this was around the same kind of time that lockdown was in full force. 

I was so eager to watch her play independently at a soft play and see her face light up at the sight of all the other babies and toddlers but we had to settle for the garden, a paddling pool and some ball pit balls. I must say this was still good fun in the summer, she loved it!

Luckily when lockdown did ease we was able to attend a soft play together and the energy that busted out of her was so lovely to see and we can’t wait to (hopefully) be able to go again in the new year.


It’s sad to say that she has got used to the fact that ‘people wear masks’ all the time. It’s a normal thing, it may be a shock to her when I tell her that we never used to have to wear masks all the time wherever we went. 

When people stop in the supermarket to say ‘’hello’’ or to just give her a friendly smile she sometimes does not acknowledge this as she normally would if they was not wearing a mask as she cannot see facial expressions.

It must be very confusing for her as she does not yet understand, but one day I will be able to explain things better for her.

I will finish by wishing better things for 2021 and the rest of motherhood.

Thank you for reading.

Stay Safe x 

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