Mama Realness – Post Baby Body

By Laila Nachar

Before I share… ahem, I mean confess my personal story of my post-baby body, it’s only fitting that you get to know a bit about me first.

My family and I have been living an expat life in Abu Dhabi for TEN years! We are an American-Lebanese family enjoying this beautiful and culturally diverse life abroad in the UAE. I am a School Psychologist by day and a full-time mama and wife by night, well actually 24 hours a day! Let’s be honest, just because you are a mother and you work, that doesn’t mean your duties to your children and husband stop. On the contrary, there is no PAUSE button on the responsibilities of a mother and wife. Like many mamas, I systematically strive to juggle my career, maintain a happy healthy home, and most importantly embrace the time I have with my children.

Working mom realness

Between school drop-offs, doctor appointments, a full workday, and household duties, I have little time to focus on myself. With that being said, I am the first to admit how much my post-baby body has changed (times 3). The simplest way to describe my mama body now is with the acronym; LJF or Lines Jiggles and Frizz.

Lines, jiggles and frizzy hair over here. I’m afraid it’s true!

After the birth of my third child, my body reacted in all the expected ways however, this time around it is more drastic than I remembered.

When I am not at work, you can see me in my signature style… Which is comprised of a frizzy messy mommy bun, t-shirt, high waisted jeans, and go-to sneakers, which tend to be the only thing I feel comfortable in. Oh, and don’t forget the wardrobe essential now, a MASK!

After three pregnancies, three C-sections, and weight loss, my body has slimmed down quite a bit however, I have been left with an untoned tummy and some jiggly bits. I am sure most mamas can relate to these words and share the feelings of not being the woman you once use to be. However, when I start to feel those thoughts, those voices whispering in my mind, I remind myself of the woman I am today, the woman that made three beautiful humans, the woman that couldn’t see her life without those precious little hands I am so blessed to hold.

What really matters

That self-reminder signals a rush of endorphins throughout my body and gives me the boost I need to shift my thinking and focus on what really matters.

Yes, just thinking about the wonderful things you have in your life and what is most important to YOU can release that happy hormone called endorphins, throughout your body.

My frazzled locks, stretched and aged skin definitely need some pampering from time to time however, I’ll happily keep my LJF if it means I can continue to smell, cuddle and squeeze those sweet little ones of mine.

Embrace your own personal acronym. It is yours, it is unique to you and it is most positively worth it!

I would love to hear your personal stories of motherhood.

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  1. Fatima says:

    Your words touch my heart . As a mother of 2 Princesses , doctor and a wife .
    Living alone away from my family , struggling to have balance between my motherhood , work , my study and my husband. I barely have time for myself.
    But I just keep reminding myself that this time will pass,
    I just till my self to breath , relaxe and enjoy the moment .
    Enjoy the hugs of my daughters , enjoy there childhood , there every day progress and enjoy my every day simple achievements.

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