Baby Bedtime Routine For Sleep Deprived Moms

By Bethany-Faye Halsall

I remember pacing the floor holding my two-week-old baby, Teddy. He would only ever sleep on me if I slowly moved him into his SnÜz pod he would still wake. I was so tired and so upset that my baby was upset all the time. We discovered he had colic and silent reflux, this did not help with his sleep.

I spent my sleepless nights researching anything that would help Teddy sleep. This is when I discovered the myHummy, a white noise machine. White noise is found to help with colic. The myHummy is the best purchase I ever made. It helped Teddy sleep so much better and I am sure it even helped me sleep as well.

MyHummy White noise machine teddy

The bedtime routine

Teddy could not self soothe, I remember one night as I was holding Teddy waiting for him to fall asleep. I thought to myself I could not do this anymore he needed to learn how to self soothe. I decided I needed to put together a set bedtime routine.

Teddy’s bedtime routine:

Teddy has his bedtime bottle in his nursery, whilst waiting for him to get up his wind up we read a story to him. He then goes down awake. We turn his myHummy on and his light projector, which is the moredig star projector night light. This cost just under 13 pounds on amazon and is also an amazing buy. Teddy watches the lights on his ceiling, and he is asleep in less than five minutes.

The best thing I ever done was make sure Teddy could self soothe; he is now six months old and goes down awake for his naps and sleeps the whole night through. I never thought I would see the day he slept. This is such a relief.

So, do not worry if your baby does not sleep it will come and you discover the best bedtime routine for your baby.

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