Imagine If We Lived A World Were We All Believed In Ourselves

By Tamzin Young

I have always been a very powerful women, treating people with kindness & have always had a positive outlook on life. 

When I fell pregnant with my first, I was high risk due to having complications with my heart when I was a kid, I had her via emergency csection based off lack of progress!

Mum life was amazing, it was nothing I could have ever imagined, I strived and thrived being a stay at home mum. After 6 months of trying for another baby, we fell pregnant with out second. Everything went smoothly, I was determined to do everything right, I went into “natural labour” at 41w! After 18hrs of active labour I got rushed off for another emergency csection due to him being stuck in my birth canal. After a very complicated 2hr surgery, eppi wearing off mid surgery, internal bleeding and having to resuscitate my baby, we went home after 12hrs in hospital due to being the peak of COVID they needed the drs! 

We were happy, we spent some really nice time together at home as a family, when my baby was 2 weeks old, at 10:30pm I woke up unable to breathe, I didn’t know what was going on, I lip signed to my partner call the ambulance, on the phone they told him it sounded like I was having a heart attack, they rushed to pick me up, at the hospital I went through extensive tests, they didn’t find anything wrong, sent me home the next day with no answers. Another 2 weeks after that I was rushed back to hospital with the same thing, this time they found gallstones in my gallbladder, I was now on the emergency surgery list, due to COVID I was allowed anyone at the hospital with me, not even my 4 week old baby. I was in hospital for 7days alone… a day after surgery I went home. 

After all the restrictions wore off a little bit my partner went back to work. I was home with two kids, everything was amazing! I handed being a mum too two, I did everything, cooked, cleaned, did the washing, cared for both children. I then started having these bizarre mental episodes, I went back to the doctors, they put me on several trial medications to try & figure it out. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder

I figured it all out, I found my tribe & relied on my community. It was a very stressful time, but it all happened for a reason because it guided me to an opportunity that opened up a door to empower others. I completely my training to become a wellness coach! I now strive & thrive off helping people, guiding people & empowering people. Health needs to start from within, our mental health needs to be taken care off & education all of these need to be our top priority! I work for a company that provides the worlds must scientifically researched natural vitamins & minerals our body needs to function at the highest quality! 

The organisation is there to support and encourage people to fill the gap between what we’re meant to have and what we actually have. It also provides webinars about mindfulness, exercise, yoga, meditation & recipes! Please contact me on 

Instagram : @realmumlife1820

Email :

Tik tok : Tamzin.young1992

Facebook : Tamzin young

I am always here to help others regardless of financial situation, health issues or generally needing some type of empowerment!

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