Business & Babies

By Samantha

Let’s talk about business and babies…. 

I set up my company at 19, in fact it got so busy I left university 3 months before my dissertation and have never looked back! 

13 years later I am the CEO of three companies (2 start ups – started in lock down) and 1 that was on track to turn over 1 mill but then covid hit! 

Business & Babies

Anyway, about me, my name is Samantha aka Sammi, aka Sam! I am an ex fire performer, stilt walker, angle grinder & show girl with a near on degree in film editing and animation! 

My business known as CEP – corporate entertainment professionals specialises in bringing brands and events to life through the forms of entertainment! I design and choose the acts myself, some of our unique one off in the world acts include 

  • The worlds largest bird cage 
  • Disco ball heads 
  • Living flower girls 
  • Grinch impersonators 
  • Giant martini glasses with dancers 
  • Walkabout dinosaurs and more

Some of the clients we work with are shopping centres, corporate brands, festivals, charity galas, universities, restaurants and lots more! 

Before I met my partner 5 years ago I travelled all over the world to get inspiration and ideas and every single time I would fly home with a suitcase full of costumes for my business! I definitely will not be beaten in a fancy dress competition. 

Then being the successful and single party girl that I was, time free & financially free … so used to the tinder swiping because I just was so eager to meet my match! I was looking for Some one who pushed me to be a better person, some one who challenged me & most of all some one who knew what they wanted and would set out to get it.. Then out of the blue one day I went for a coffee with a man called Thomas, and the rest is history! Now 5 years later I’m sat at home with what feels like in my head a mum body, I’m not up on stage in sexy clothes eating and playing with fire! Instead I am sat with my hair scooped up on my head, baggy clothes, no makeup and I can’t remember what heels are (joking – I will never forget what a heel feels like) oh… and I have a 3 year old boy called Zachary!! 

So let me tell you about the transition I had from Sammi the performer to now Samantha the working mummy! I went from being sexy single successful entrepreneur to slightly tamer, less occasionally sexy, kind of lost her sparkle women! However let me just confirm something, the fire is still there inside me, it just needs to come out every so often but something inside me changed after having my son… I looked at the world in a different way. I valued time, people, money and much more! 

The point I would like to make here is every mum is sexy, but when you add in the late nights, the putting your child first every time, still working full time and bringing in money, trying to work out around copious amounts of train tracks and dinosaurs under your feet, getting up at 5am to send emails then I can confirm your fire can some times dull, your sparkle can be lost and all you want to do is pour the biggest glass of wine and eat lots of chocolate ( I’ve eaten two packets of Reece’s mini chocolate cupcakes tonight).

So to all the sexy mums who feel they have lost their sparkle/ their fire/ glitter or are just feeling dull… believe me when I say we all have that fire inside us – you just need to plan time to coax it out every now and then!!! MORAL OF THE STORY LADIES – KEEP THAT FIRE BURNING 🔥

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