Fly, Fly Away… (About Postpartum)

By Melinda Italiano

…on hair wings. The postpartum period is ugly. Except for those lucky ladies who look like they went to the spa and are glowing with motherhood a week after giving birth (you know who you are!!).

I am not one of those people, unfortunately. For instance, I feel like I used to have a waist but I can’t remember it now. My new body, from my neck to my knees, can now best be described as a ‘soft rectangle’. Let’s call that a work in progress, shall we?

My skin is a disaster, because even though I am drinking tons of water, I barely sleep. My under eye circles look like the ‘before’ picture on one of those infomercials for home skincare kits.

Along with my body and my skin, my hair has also taken a trip to hell and back (I admit I’m a little jealous, Hell might not be the ideal destination but it’s still a trip right?!)

Anyways, for those of you maybe wondering what to expect, this is how it goes:

Step 1: Go bald. Like lose giant clumps of hair in the shower, on the pillow and on your clothes bald. Clog the sink bald. This will start just as you begin to feel a little normal again, right around the 3 month mark. You put on that first pair of pre-pregnancy pants and bam! out falls all your hair.

Step 2: Grow it back in the most awkward way possible. Some people develop a crown around the forehead, or little tuffs that come up at the top. Not me though…I grow hair wings around my ears. These little beauties made their first appearance about 2 months ago, and somehow, showed up overnight at this exact length. They haven’t grown long enough to tuck behind my ears and grow straight out from the sides of my head like tiny fluffy antennae. Picture proof above – it’s also a good look at those under eye pouches lol…

It might not be a good look overall, but it’s mine and it comes with my beautiful babies so all in all not a bad trade-off at all 🙂.

And since I’ve already given them my whole heart and soul, I may as well throw my body (hair included) into the deal. It seems like the smallest piece anyways.

Coincidentally, Charlotte also seems to have little hair wings in the same spot, and hers are adorable!!

N.B. my selfie photography skills need a bit of work – the antlers seemingly growing from the top of my head were not intentional :p

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