8 Tips On How To Survive Your First Holiday With A Newborn

By Sophie Louise Harry

We’ve just come back from our first trip abroad with our 3 month old son, Raf.

We booked a trip to Pollença and at the time of the booking I was very pregnant, very tired and very in need of a holiday.

I was a little bit sceptical about taking him away at such a young age but anyway we did it and we did it well. I can’t recommend flying and holidaying with a baby of this age enough. We somehow breezed through both flights and even managed to have one of our best holidays yet. So here’s my tips for travelling abroad with a newborn.

1-Pick your flight times wisely

We had a 6am flight out of Liverpool and a 10am returning flight from Palma. We woke up at 3am and left Raf fast asleep whilst we packed any last minute bits. We then took Raf straight to the airport still in his pyjamas. This worked well for us because Raf usually wakes up at around 5 so he was due a feed just before we were about to take off.

2-Check your airlines policy for travelling with babies and children

This is really important as different airlines have different policies, they also have different charges for flying with an infant. We flew with EasyJet and the whole process was smooth from start to finish. We were allowed to bring two additional items with us (we took a big changing bag and a foldable pram). We were able to board first and the plane had easy to use changing facilities on board.

3-Choose your pram carefully

I love my Bugaboo but it’s not the easiest pram to transport around. We took a Silver Cross Zest Stroller that was super lightweight and easy to fold up and down. The seat can be adjusted so that your baby can lie fully flat (perfect for when you want to take your baby out to dinner with you at night). The hood is also fully ventilated and lined in UPF 50 and can be extended to offer sun protection, making it suitable for warmer climates.

4-Pre order your baby milk/ toiletries to the airport

Absolutely genius idea. I pre ordered baby formula, wet wipes and sun cream to the Boots in the Airport. This meant I didn’t have to worry about these taking up any extra space in my luggage and reduced the risk of me forgetting to pack something. Everything was paid beforehand and I picked all of the items up from the store and was able to carry them onboard with me.

5-Feed on take off AND on landing

To help reduce the pressure of Rafs ears popping I prepared two bottles for the flight (formula but breast milk would work as would breastfeeding). The suckling notion helped to pop Rafs ears and calm him during the flight. It’s equally as important to feed him as you land aswell as the flight descends at a quicker speed therefore increasing the pressure.

6-Be mindful of the heat

We took it in turns sitting completely in the shade with Raf. We kept him in just a nappy and a hat and lathered him in factor 50, I honestly don’t think I’d ever seen him so happy as when he was stretched out on a sun lounger in his nappy!

7-Pack plenty of Muslin clothes

Muslin clothes were absolute saviours for covering sun loungers, mopping up sick and for covering Rafs feet in the pram. They also saved me from a few leaky nappies too.

8-Enjoy it and take lots of pictures

You’ll never get that first holiday again so enjoy it. I can guarantee it it’s the first time you’ll have spent that amount of time together since your paternity leave so Lap up every minute. You deserve the break just as much as everyone so don’t hold back on the tapas and enjoy a glass of sangria or two! We’ve got some amazing pictures that we’ll be able to look back in years to come and it was really lovely to be able to share them with our family at home via WhatsApp or instagram.

First vacation with a newborn

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