Moving House In A Pandemic…Whilst Pregnant.

By Nichola

Many moons ago, it feels like that now!, my husband and I decided we wanted to move house to be in a better school catchment area, to be closer to family and to have a more suitable garden for our son. Whilst I love our current garden, our decking and terrace is more appropriate for grown up friends having fizz in the sun and not a wannabe ninja jumping off a 6-foot terrace.
So, we made our plan that in 2020 we would start our house hunt for our forever home, giving us plenty time before we need to think about anything really grown up like school applications!
Then ‘you know what’ happened…and the world stopped!

Initially we weren’t too worried, however when the world regained a little normality and the housing market reopened…. that is when the crazy started!
I shan’t bore you with all the detail, honestly, that alone I could write a thesis on! But in short, moving in a pandemic is an UTTER NIGHTMARE. Oh, and to add to things, I’m pregnant!
Everything is on go slow. I understand that the world has changed and things have adjusted, but seriously, if you are told you will receive an update within 48 hours an 3 weeks later you are still waiting- we cant really accept “because of Covid” as a reason; can we?!

The market blew up, which meant the houses we were looking at almost doubled in price… it turns out everyone wanted the same as us; to be closer to family, have a good outside space etc. But we wanted it first, pre pandemic!!! Stop making me pay more for this!!! Sorry, that is my little petulant strop, but urgh. How frustrating!
So where are we now?18 weeks in we have accepted an offer on our house, we have an offer accepted on a place we love and solicitors are doing their things… something that I can only deduce as a black art. Sorry property conveyancers out there, but what is the level of secrecy around updates and timescales?!

We hoped at the start of this we would have a lovely Christmas in our new home with all the family around, as it currently stands, we don’t have a move date, so I have had to cancel our lavish Christmas plans. I say lavish, after this year, mum dad and siblings around for Christmas dinner did feel pretty lavish to be frank!

So, what have I learnt about moving in a pandemic? We still haven’t actually moved.Patience is not my forte.Expectations of timescales, pah- what are they. You can’t lift and shift heavy things whilst pregnant…someone else (hubby) has to do all the moving for you, surely that is a plus!? Good things come to those who wait…please let that be true! But mainly, and super ridiculously clichéd, it doesn’t matter which house I am in. As long as I have my hubby and little man with me, that is home enough for me.

Family moving during Covid

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