Top Picks For Mother’s Day Gifts

As mother’s day is around the corner and you’re already looking for gifts you haven’t gifted before, something to show you mom she’s loved. 

So coming up with the best mother’s day gift can feel like an impossible task, here are our own picks for a good gift for this mother’s day in the UAE, we hope will at least spark some ideas. Some gifts that your mother actually wants.

We know how hard living is now a days, and everyone is on a budget. Not to mention the fear of going out! But what if you celebrated your Mother’s Day safe and stress free. 

Mother’s Day Hamper

A specially curated Sarood Hamper which provides treats for pampering both body and soul. That includes artisanal soap, face masks, forget me not flower seeds, and a range of Sarood specialty items such as Miniature Afternoon Tea Cakes; Miniature Scones with Raspberry Jam and Clotted Cream; Lemon Curd; Assorted Dates and Chocolates, and a selection of premium tea bags, among other items.

Best part is all of this for AED 245. Stress free and on a budget never looked so good 

A Spa Day

No gift can measure a Mothers worth, we would say her efforts are priceless. What’s the best way to say thank you than pampering her with a spa day from Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. 

It sure is the ultimate relaxation gift you can find in the UAE. 

Afternoon High Tea Time

If your mom fancies tea time and there isn’t a day where she doesn’t dedicate a full hour for it, this one has tea time written all over it. Panoramic views of the palm-lined gardens, sparkling fountains and turquoise pool at the Arabian Court and of course tea!

THE SAMOVAR LOUNGE is offering an afternoon high tea with a twist on tradition. 

A Luxe Box of Gourmet Dates

Bateel’s luxury, gourmet dates are a great alternative to flowers.  If your mom has dates and nuts laid out on her coffee table just because she loves how healthy and good they are this is a gift for her. But we have to warn you if you bring them once you will have the obligation to keep them coming. 

Van Cleef & Arpels Beautifully made Jewelery

We guarantee this gift is timeless, every mother would love some Van Cleef bracelets or earrings.

A Big Brand Gift

Find your most favorite items all in one place for Mother’s Day, shop online where they made it easy to pick and choose your gift.

A Staycation

Life has been a hustle lately and with unexpected quarantines mom visits are hard to plan. How about a staycation where you get to enjoy an uninterrupted time with the women that literally gave you life.  We believe it would mean the world for her, after all mothers can never stop being mothers.

Unique Fancy Flower Bouquet

If you are on a budget, or you live on the other side of the earth, the least you can do is send her flowers, yes, they won’t last a lifetime but the feeling she had receiving them will. 

Bliss Boutique offers them for as low as AED 275, you can even add a box of chocolates for AED 195.

Personalised Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re looking for something you’ve never given before or you want to surprise your mom with something chic, unique and modern. GiftlessOrdinary is the place you need to shop online.

Fantastic products packaged with love

Fantastic products packaged with love especially for Mother’s Day from fragrance gift sets to radiance-boosting skincare to at-home wellness treats. show her how much you care. Shop online at

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