Being A Mom Doesn’t Disconnect You From Who You Were

By Elvina

Before your child was born you were a woman. Now you are a mother…Your child will meet you as a mother. Give your child a chance to meet the person you were before becoming a mother..

It is hard, raising a human being involves a lot of struggles, you forget yourself, your time doesn’t exist anymore, you get involved in all those house, routine tasks, but the day will come when your little loved one will ask you who were you before?

I want my son to see real me every day, without any judgement we put on our shoulders:  what if it’s not enough? You are enough! 

After giving birth you meet those fears you never knew they exist..It is normal, accept them but don’t let them stay..If you will feel happy, your child will be happy! 

You are not gonna be a bad mom if you will leave your baby to do the stuff you enjoy like, whether it’s skating, windsurfing, reading or yoga class. You need this time! We tend to forget! You deserve it! 

Being a good mom is the hardest job you will ever have, but it’s  the job you can do the best!  Trust your instincts! Being a perfect mom is impossible. No one is perfect, and will never be. 
Be real. Be yourself.

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