Expat Motherhood As A Working Mom

By Nargiz

Why do we always think of career when asked about achievements

Motherhood is an amazing journey. Sometimes, pursuing personal and career growth opportunities we ignore this period in our life and don’t realize that these precious moments are irrevocable. We become proud of our achievements, and can talk for hours about them, but if we are asked about our child’s first steps or the words pronounced for the first time, we may just stumble or be confused. 

Being a Working Expat Mom

Sending Kids Back Home To Work Abroad

Most of the expat moms go through the same experience. It’s a great challenge for them to live, work abroad and play the role of a great mom. You don’t have enough hands around you to help you to raise your child or you don’t trust anyone who is not a part of your family. Therefore, most expat moms prefer to send their kids back to their countries, being sure that they will be in the good and safe hands of grannies.

Choosing Between Being A Housewife or A Working Mom

I did the same in the past, I stole mom and daughter moments from my little princess, especially the times when she needed me most. I had two choices: either to be a mom and housewife or a working mom. I made a second choice but failed being a mom while working and preferred my career to motherhood.

My Experience With Choosing Career

I made a decision to send my daughter back to my home country with my mom. She had her last breastfeed in the airport the day she was departing, the most heartbreaking part was that she was just 11 months old! I was devastated, felt like there was a big hole in my chest as my heart had gone with my little one. I was feeling guilty non-stop. Despite being deprived of mother’s milk, her physical presence and affection, my daughter had turned out to be very strong and resilient, she had never cried, nor did she created any troubles for my mother. 

What I Went Through Being a Working Mom Away From Her Child

Every single day spent without my daughter was painful, I was battling with stress and depression. I lost my harbor where I used to feel complete and comfortable, where I refuelled myself with joy and positive vibes.

Finally, I realized that no career is worth staying away from your child, no success is worth missing seeing a smile with dimples on chubby cheeks, and your greatest achievement is your endeavours in raising a good child who will be surrounded with your love and care and no matter how good are the ones who look after your child, they will never be able to replace you in your child’s life. 

Balancing Work & Children Is The Only Way No Matter How Hard, It’s Never Harder Than Being Away From Them

I brought back my daughter, we have never been apart since then and we will never be! Yes, it wasn’t easy, I had to sleep less, work more, be stronger and more organized, but I started living a live life, full of emotions and colors.

Looking back in the past, I can say now that I have become a proud Mom who has turned inherent difficulties into happy moments.

Being an expat mom

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