A Mother’s Journey With Parenting & Healing

Being a mother gave me an opportunity to heal myself

By Thoria Younis

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and an emotional therapist. 

Since I gave birth to my beloved child “Yehia” I had to leave my job to take care of him, I was always aiming to be a perfect mom, but I recognized that children don’t need perfection from their parents; all we need to do is avoid harming them, and to offer them the “ordinary commitment” which has always been required of parents.

Being alone most of the day with a baby without any support made me reflect on my past and the truth is that almost all of us were wounded as children, and if we don’t heal those wounds, they prevent us from parenting our children optimally. 

If there’s an area where you were scarred as a child, you can count on that area causing you grief as a parent and wounding your child.

The thing about life is that all our emotional experiences which are scientifically named as “Trauma”, if we don’t finish them, they stay with us.

They stay with us like the food we can’t metabolize, like old clothes we never get around to packing up and putting out at the curb.

Learnings From My Healing Journey As A Mother

In my healing journey, I didn’t just learn how to go back and fix what I didn’t finish.

 I also learned how to press forward, how to live more intently and presently, how to process my experiences in real-time. The more I did this, the more it awakened my soul and I began to show up for life and show up for Yehia. 

I started being myself again, I started feeling again, I started being again.

During my healing journey I knew that I was never lost. I was only hidden. And all the time I spent feeling so uncomfortable was just my highest self wanting to speak to you, trying to remind me of its presence. 

I didn’t want to be the mother who can’t set limits on her children’s behavior because she can’t bear their anger at her, and ends up raising anxious, self-centered kids.

 I was avoiding being the parent who works long hours at their jobs, leaving their babies in the care of nannies, because they doubt their own ability to be interested in (translate: to love) their infants.

When you heal yourself, you heal your family and your circle

Yehia’s love to me and my love to him has transformed me, made me more patient, more compassionate, more selfless. Loving him helped me a lot in my healing journey and healed those unloved places inside me.

He has an extraordinary ability to show me my wounded places. 

Being a mother of Yehia gave me the perfect opportunity to grow and heal.  I was always running from this hard-inner work, but my love to Yehia was the biggest motivation for me to grow, heal and be a happier and more peaceful person and parent.

parenting and healing

Dear Moms: Are YOU Ready To Heal?

When the time is right and when you are ready to heal the way, reflect on your own story, be conscious of all your actions and reactions, So whenever we get “triggered,” we’ve stumbled on something that needs healing and you need to get support in working through old issues. 

Always remember No parent is perfect because humans are by definition imperfect.

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