I Mother My Son Too Much

By Mirna Haddad

I Mother my son too much 

I Mother my son too much terrified of childhood trauma or is it to break the previous cycle of conventional motherhood

 I mother my son too much to prove I’m a good mom, to whom I always wonder I mother my son too much in the name of protection or is it love?

 I Mother my son too much to not be scared of the outer world, or am I? 

I mother my son too much because it makes me feel whole, or is it to make him feel whole?

 I Mother my son too much because he comes first, or is it I?

 I mother my son too much because of the mom guilt, or is it society pressures? 

I mother my son too much not wanting to be judged, or is it mom- shamed? 

I mother my son too much to set an example of real motherhood, when did the competition  begin?

I mother my son too much because it’s easy, I swear I read that somewhere I’m not mothering my son anymore, because I AM A MOTHER

As if women don’t have enough struggles already for just being women, now that you’re a mother, the pressure is ON! 

Why do we mother our children so much, and if we don’t why is so threatening to your “Perfect Family Image”? 

In order to discipline a child, we go to extreme measures, giving them the eye, or in my case the Arabic hand gesture, “The Talk” or the naughty corner, or whatever disciplinary method she read in a book somewhere, but the worst part is “The Victory walk”, you know, after you show all the other moms how to do it. 

Society pressure, mom guilt, mom shamming, unfit, mothering your kids too much, and for what, just to prove you’re a good mom, to whom? 

All on the expense of a child that only wants A MOTHER. 

We teach our kids to “be kind”, I believe we should revisit the essence of being kind, they are born kind and loving, they just change according to what they see. 

There is beauty in experiencing the world on your own terms and to let your child share it with you will create unforgettable memories.

Mother and son

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