5 Things I’ve Learned As A Mother

By Maya Abdul Baki 

My own learnings from my motherhood journey

Self Love

Mom guilt cannot be avoided, no matter how many times I tell myself I deserve that manicure at the salon, in my gut I have second thoughts and feel like I should be home with them instead.. later on I realized that I need to be happy ,for myself and for my kids. When I lost the 20 kgs I gained during my pregnancy, and felt like myself again, they felt it too.

It’s Ok To Lose Your Cool

Some days, counting till 10 and trying to keep your cool is impossible, it’s ok, you’re not a robot . 

Make better choices the next time and always reassure your kids that your love for them is unquestionable..even if mommy gets upset by their actions, it’s not by who they are as individuals.

 Be silly with your kids , and show them how fun you are, you’ll both enjoy it.

Teach your kids kindness

Kindness to people animals and plants, what are we without this beautiful world we live in. My 6 yo boy and 4 yo girl understand why we throw our banana peel in our compost bin. It’s never too early to care.

5 things I've learned as a mother

Make them learn how to love themselves

Teach them young that self love is a right..
We are all insecure in some things, Don’t pass on your issues to them.

No matter how hard it hurts, the world can be unkind, and we cannot protect them from it..from the bullies, heartbreaks and disappointments.

Love them but let them go at some point

My job is to listen and give them the most gentle hug and teach them that we do not have control over everything.. but if I want to teach them independence for when they are older,I cannot be fighting their battles for them.

My learnings from my motherhood journey

My wish as a mom

My only wish is for my kids to be happy adults..to follow their dreams even if they fail.,because failure is ok, loosing your passion is not.

I will guide them and advise them, but I will not overstep and make decisions for them.

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