Mom Judgement & Mom Guilt

By Mirella Kayali

I wonder how moms throughout time have survived this whole motherhood thingy. Too many rules, too many opinions on so many topics.

I’m constantly stressed over every move I make, and people’s remarks and opinions are nauseating. “Should I give him water in a sippy cup or a bottle? Is it okay if he watches tv or not! And those unnecessary comments from friends and family and funny enough acquaintances too, such as: “Don’t give him formula it has so much artificial ingredients”, or my personal favorite “Don’t breastfeed him after the age of one it’s not good for him plus your milk has no benefits for him anymore”. “Why are you cosleeping? He’s a big boy now and he needs to sleep alone”.

Mom Judgement and mom guilt

Judgments & Society Opinions Moms Get All The Time

A mom faces a load of contradictory opinions and ideas, which she did not ask for, like: “No salt and sugar for babies It’s okay a little bit of salt/sugar won’t hurt him” 

“Don’t hold him too much, he’ll get used to it.
Stop spoiling him he won’t be a “man” 

“Don’t give him fried food Meh a little bit of fries is yummi” 

“Don’t shout it’ll affect his adulthood” 

“Send him to a nursery he’ll see other kids Don’t send hi”m to a nursery since you’re already home” 

“Don’t go out to much it’s cold outside Take him for a walk, fresh air is good for him” 

“Cut his hair it’s better! Yiiii why did u cut it it looked cute” 

“You should start bathing him in your shower, no need to use his bathtub anymore” 

“Aren’t you considering quitting your job to be with your little one? Don’t you want to have a career instead of staying at home all the time?”

Moms Should be Celebrated & Not Judged Or Shamed

These are only a glimpse of all the things I’ve heard and read about. Motherhood is already hard, why don’t we give other moms a break and just let them be? Mothers know what’s best for their babies and families, because what may work for a specific kid/family may not do the same for another.

A Honest Advice From One Judged Mother To Another

I truly believe that mothers must be left alone without subjecting them to extra pressure which they don’t need. 

So if you’re a mama reading this, please know that you’re doing an amazing job and that your baby is lucky to have you for motherhood is the hardest most toughest job I’ve ever had to do, all the sacrifices, the sleepless nights, the loneliness, the daily challenges, the feeling of being unappreciated and this list goes on and on.. 

You do you mama, whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, a breastfeeding mom, a formula mom, or whatever kind of mom that you are. You little one(s) is/are lucky to have you, with your successful parenting moments and your numerous failures.

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