Roller Coaster Mom!

By Diana Yafi 

The journey of being a mom of two very active boys, my eldest Bilal 6 years old and Jad 2 years old, and taking care of them on my own, can be described as very challenging rollercoaster ride. 

At one moment, I am on the top of the world overjoyed by their innocent love and laughter. Another moment, I dip low with a crushing feeling intensified by the consistent weight of their responsibility and needs.

How do I manage two kids while working full time:

I extremely multi-task! I juggle my time and capacity between a full time job and a household with a curious boy with lots of questions and a highly emotional toddler throwing tantrums around the clock (if you haven’t experienced terrible two’s, then you’re lucky, so far!)

roller coaster mom

Real mom stories DO help in managing "Mom Guilt"

So yes, I do lose it on them, many times not just a few. Guilt crawls on me and makes me wonder if I’m really capable of carrying on this journey alone. Then I look around me and listen to the real stories of fellow moms (not the polished ones with clean houses and full day children activities’ schedule), who happen to be struggling as well, although they may have a helping hand, whether it’s their partner or any other source of support.

Motherhood is an ongoing learning process

I genuinely believe that mom’s love is natural, but her patience and approach are not. These two are only formulated in an ongoing learning process, with limits stretched every day and new challenges appearing in every unpredictable situation. 

 One day you are clueless and googling “how to deal with a picky eater” and on another day you will be giving sincere advice to another mom struggling with an experience you’ve been through already..

Motherhood isnt perfect

No mom is perfect, despite what you see on social media

Ultimately, and as I always remind myself, moms are not supposed to be super heroes 24/7, despite being told so by social media and just everyone! (I know that the intentions are good though). Really, It’s okay to have a mental breakdown, to cry out of joy, to sit in silence as your kids almost kill each other, and to sleep leaving tons of chores behind… Remember, it’s a roller coaster ride!!

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