Why moms feel like they can’t rest

Why do mothers feel like they CAN'T rest

Ever since you became a mom it’s been a non-stop marathon for you, the responsibilities kept building one month at a time and one year after year, every minute of your day feels like it isnt yours, you’re spending it for the littles ones you love, your family, your spouse and squeezing in your work/job/household responsibilities. 

You didnt feel you NEED rest because your heart is so full, you’re blessed and you should feel and cherish your blessings.


Society might get you to over-work yourself as a mom

Being a BUSY mom in our modern world seems to be a badge you wear, if you’re busy enough it means you’re having it all: social life, entertained kids, job, couple time..

We get so caught up on wanting to make our selves busier and busier so we think we achieved or succeeded as mothers.

Overworking at our jobs/housework , stressing over kids play schedule/meals/schooling and the list goes on. Believing if we just push ourselves abit more things will be better and we can prove to ourselves and to everyone else that we are the best at we can do.

All mums tend to have these daily patterns and guilt feelings in different ways.

Soon enough reality will hit

There will come days you feel un appreciated, running your own battle, supporting you family and friends but not getting it back, because you simple don’t ask for help and make everything you do so effortless making your loved ones feel like you have it all together.

Stress is the worst thing you can do to your body, at least all doctors say that. But that body is what have created life and is still building castles and rainbows for family.

You’re scared if you opened up to your spouse, your mom, your children or quit whatever’s stressing you out, you will lose momentum. But hey! nothing will be taken away from you.

Take a moment: appreciate your body, your mind and your soul that is pouring joy to your surroundings.

Tips for over achiever moms

I know so many women who are either stay-at-home moms or working full time who definitely represents a chronic overachiever in one way or another.

Being a firefighter 24/7 seeing all situations as a fire you need to put off and save? Expecting too much? constantly driven to take more and more responsibilities?

psst! Guess what? You can totally start checking things off your list! Nothing will fall if you took a moment to look around you and inside your heart for abit:

See yourself like others see you

It may seem impossible to get out of your head, but if you just cleared your mind and stepped outside yourself and see yourself loving, caring and working so hard for your family, your house, your job.. You’ll then start stressing less.

Prioritize and start saying no

If you’re “organized Mary” draw up a list (Add it to calendar) of things that ACTUALLY need your attention that day and just throw the rest into “Not doing it” pile. If you’re as messy as I am, just say it out loud. I’m not doing this today, I have x hours in my day time that i usually do work/chores in and this is moved to another day.

Prioritize what makes a quicker influence on your work or to your kids. What matters to you as an individual. Say NO if it doesn’t go along with your daily or family schedule and say Absolutely YES and be 100% happy doing when you really want to do it. Feeling NO guilt of leaving the kids with help for few hours or skipping a meal prep! 

Allow your self to step towards fulfillment

It may be shocking to you to learn that being an overachiever will hurt your career, relationship, body and mind. In fact, the chronic overachiever is also destined for chronic disappointment.
So lets take a step back and have a realistic easy balance for our life where we don’t jump to do it all, instead do what we can do at the right times. Bite the bullet and do things at specific times then invite yourself for hours of living the moment. Make it count!

Have a balance perspective to your own life and self. let go of what society portrays over social media or our modern world being “always on” because you know deep inside that its not they way things should feel. Allow yourself that space to feel content.

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