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parenting and healing

A Mother’s Journey With Parenting & Healing

Being a mother gave me an opportunity to heal myself By Thoria Younis I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and an emotional therapist.  Since I gave birth to my beloved child “Yehia” I had to leave my job to take care of him, I was always aiming to be a perfect mom,…

celebrating potty training

3 Simple Steps To A Successful Potty Training

By Ghada Koleilat My own guide of potty training As I recently potty trained my 2-year-old daughter, I got a lot of questions from mom friends and Instagram followers on the techniques that I followed to have successfully completed the transition within four days, which made me create this guide on potty training steps that…

being pregnant with high bmi and mental health issues

My Pregnancy With High BMI & Mental Health Past During Pandemic

By Julia Bridgwater  I’m Julia. I’m mommy to a beautiful girl, Luna Delphine, who happens to be my little lockdown baby. She is my absolute world but our journey to get to where we are now hasn’t been too easy. I think anyone would agree, becoming a mother for the first time is not easy…

confident mom

        Confident Mother Means Confident Child

By Mirna Bolmanac NLP practitioner and Life coach, “One way to Harmony – Lifestyle by Mirna” Do you remember that feeling after giving birth? Do you remember feelings of joy, happiness and confidence? The confidence is so big, all the world could hear you: “If I can give birth to this little human there is…

Postpartum Recovery With Food

By Jordana Ventzke – Licensed Dietitian  Finding out you are pregnant makes mums research. And boy, do we research everything – what can I eat, drink, should I exercise, how do I want my birth to happen, car seats, prams etc.  Unfortunately, not much research, goes into our own postpartum journey. The focus remains on…


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